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James Joyce Coffeetel Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center is located in Guangzhou landmark 'Guangzhou tower', 'Haixinsha' nearby, adjacent to Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, close to Guangzhou famous tourist card 'Changlong tourist resort', convenient transportation, superior geographical location. There are all kinds of domestic cuisine restaurants near the hotel, including Indian restaurant, western restaurant, Thai restaurant, Indonesian restaurant, Brazilian barbecue restaurant and Hong Kong style simple restaurant. There are all kinds of famous local snacks and famous snacks in the snack street nearby to satisfy your taste buds. There are large supermarkets near the hotel, the second people's Hospital of Guangdong Province, 421 hospital, KTV, bar street, etc. to meet your various needs on the way.
The existence of Feifan in the journey! Hotel is a cross-border brand with perfect integration of cafe culture and hotel. Platinum Hotel Group leads the market, creates brand-new hotel categories, leads business travelers to experience sensory comfort, taste and personality, and enjoys service. It is committed to building a mid-range chain hotel brand with perfect combination of coffee culture and hotel, and creates a favorite housing choice.
The hotel's unique 24-hour coffee shop, open book bar, European style stove, cultural wall, art and outdoor salon create an elegant atmosphere of humanity, social interaction and style. It perfectly combines the coffee shop culture with the hotel, caters to the social needs of mainstream business travelers, and meets the critical quality of products, artistic details and decoration The elegant music environment and the coffee corner in the guest room of Gaoxing hotel are the best choice for the mainstream business travelers who pursue the living taste. We sincerely look forward to your coming to enjoy your life!

Breakfast price: CNY28($4.3) / person